Film Scheme


Music Composer

Audio File Format:

24bit, 48Khz, Split/Multi Mono BWAV files.


Please make sure you work with 24fps picture guide. Please contact us for assistance.

Additional Requirements:

For final music/score delivery, please provide separate (mixed) instrument group (stems) of up to 8-12 stereo track (except live orchestra recording). Please contact us for assistance.

For original soundtrack/song, please provide at least:  full mix track, mix minus vocal (minus one) track and vocal mix track.

Film Editor

Audio File Format:

For Guide: 48Khz, stereo composite track with all dialog panned hard left and all music/song panned hard right.

For OMF: 24bit, 48 kHz, embedded, un-processed master sound, with a minimum handle duration of 10 seconds/240 frames.

Video File Format:

Resolution: full HD (1920 x 1080p).

Codec: Avid DNxHD (preferred), Apple ProRes 422 (HQ or LT), DV25, DV50, H.264 (less preferred).

Timecode: for final mix guide please provide (true) 24fps pictures.

Watermarking: if you really really really have to do it, please consider placing it in an area that not cover (all) the characters mouth for the duration of the programs.

Additional Requirements :

  1. Please provide proper slate/label (please include time & date stamp) to identify pictures version.
  2. Please provide proper countdown leader with start+end marker to identify content start and end frame on each reel.
Sound Recordist

Audio File Format:

24bit, 48Khz, Split Mono or Poly BWAV.

Timecode Rate:

Please match the main production camera TC rate.

Additional Requirement:

Please provide adequate silent moment (>5 sec) for noise/room tone on each start (or end) of a take.

We much prefer to work with boom/shotgun originated tracks, but please do provide isolated lavaliere mic tracks for backup.